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Zero9 PepperBall Blast V2 Case - Style Z9-4055

Zero9 PepperBall Blast V2 Case - Style Z9-4055

By: Zero9 Holster Style: 4055

  • $ 3999

Ruggedized case for your Pepperball BLAST.  Keep your OC in a stick secure and accessible on a belt or a vest.  The Zero9 BLAST Case protects the actuator switch and has an open bottom for dirt/water evacuation to keep it off the business end of the BLAST.

NOTE: Select V2 for the upgraded BLAST with the actuator covered - if your red button has a protective cap over top - you have the V2.  

Select Molle-Lok for molle vest/outer carrier mounting.

Select Tek-Lok for duty belt mounting.  With the Tek-Lok you can mount the BLAST Case at several different angles (FIXED - does not rotate). If you need the ability to rotate your Blast Case to multiple angles - pair the Blast case with a Tek-Mount in our Additional Hardware and Attachments listing.