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Sabre Red Crossfire MK-4(3.0oz) - SR-52CFT30

Sabre Red Crossfire MK-4(3.0oz) - SR-52CFT30

By: Sabre Red Style: SR-52CFT30

  • $ 1799

The Sabre Red Crossfire MK-4 Spray 3.0 oz is a portable defensive spray that is guaranteed to stop any aggressor. Designed for quicker deployment, the Crossfire utilizes 3rd generation technology to allow activation from any angle. Combine this with an enlarged, quick-access trigger button and result is the fastest most accurate target acquisition capability on the market. Sabre's Red formula is police strength and contains 10% OC and with 1.33% major capsaicinoids for maximum stopping power. The spray is formulated to immediately inflame the target's eyes, ears, mouth, throat and nose before contact is even made. All sprays employ UV dye for unmistakable suspect identification.

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