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Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster Quick Disconnect System (QDS) - Style RFPT-QD-BK-C

By: Alien Gear Style:

  • $ 3499

The Quick Disconnect System, or QDS, turns your Rapid Force Duty Holster into an ultra-versatile, multi-carry collection. With the QDS, you can disconnect your duty holster from your holster base, and connect it to another, without tools or frustration.


The QDS was engineered to make switching carry configurations easy and hassle free. Simply add a QDS Attachment to your holster and a QDS Receiver to any of the four available carry configuration expansion packs. When you want to switch from one carry type to another, depress the buttons on the side of the QDS Receiver, slide the holster off of the base, and slide it into the QDS Receiver on the Drop Leg Expansion, Belt Slide Expansion, Paddle Expansion, MOLLE Expansion, or Surface Mount.


Only one QDS Attachment is needed for your Rapid Force Duty Holster to be compatible with any carry expansion pack that has a QDS Receiver installed. Purchase the Quick Disconnect System as a set to get started. Add a single QDS Receiver to each of the carry expansion packs that you own to achieve compatibility across your entire collection.