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5ive Star Nomex Flight Gloves Style 3826

5ive Star Nomex Flight Gloves Style 3826

By: 5ive Star Style: 3826

  • $ 3299


These 5ive Star Gear Nomex® Flight Gloves are made to military specification MIL-DTL-81188C and similar to the ones used by military pilots. The back panels are a Nomex® flame retardant fiber with soft leather on the palm and finger areas. They are highly heat and fire resistant with reinforced stitching. Flash fire protection and excellent finger dexterity make this product great for use in the cockpit as well as in combat on the ground.;

  1. Nomex® construction for burn and fire resistance
  2. Cowhide leather palms for added durability
  3. Made to U.S. military specs

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