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Heavy Breaching Kit

Heavy Breaching Kit

By: 5.11 Tactical Style: 50268

  • $ 1,39999

Purpose Built

Created for use by law enforcement, military, and emergency breaching teams, the Heavy Breaching Kit includes four 5.11® Breaching Tools designed to defeat any portal quickly and effectively, along with a steel-reinforced, backpack-style Heavy Kit Bag that keeps your Breaching Tools organized and ready to roll. Engineered to provide maximum entry efficiency and minimized exposure time against portals of any size or strength, the Heavy Breaching Kit is the ultimate entry solution for any law enforcement, military, or emergency services agency.



  • The ultimate portal entry solution
  • Defeats portals of any size or strength
  • Minimizes breach team exposure time
  • Durable steel-framed carry pack
  • Padded yoke straps
  • 400 lb. quick-release buckles
  • Removable hood with hook and loop brand closure
  • 37” high



  • Includes MultiBreacher
  • Includes MultiPry
  • Includes MiniRam
  • Includes EdgeBender
  • Includes Heavy Kit Bag


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