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By: 5.11 Tactical Style: 50135

  • $ 29999

Purpose Built

The EdgeBender is engineered to accelerate the use of other 5.11® Breaching Tools, minimizing exposure time by facilitating the defeat of hardened security portals quickly and quietly. Specially designed vice jaws are designed to slip behind mounted security plates, and the T-handle applies even pressure to silently create an attack gap that can be exploited by leverage-based tools. Used in conjunction with other 5.11 Breaching Tools, the EdgeBender is part of a fast and effective entry system that can defeat virtually any portal in seconds.



  • Part of the 5.11 Breaching Tool series
  • Minimizes breach team exposure time
  • Silent operation
  • T-handle applies even pressure
  • Designed to support other 5.11 Breaching Tools



  • Fully hardened construction
  • 17.5” in length
  • Seamless hydraulic pipe for rigidity
  • Available separately or as part of the Heavy Breaching Kit (56993)
  • Agency verification required prior to purchase


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