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ASp Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs - Style 56060

ASp Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs - Style 56060

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  • $ 8299

The original ASP Ultra Cuffs set a new standard in restraint design, technology, features and application. And Ultra Plus Cuffs raise the bar again, with the addition of a major new feature: keyless double locking. Double locking - a critical step in ensuring both subject and officer safety - is accomplished simply and instantly, simply by pressing the double lock bar with a fingertip. The bar is color-indicated, for instant recognition of double lock status - once cuffs are applied and set, if you see the indicator, press it. This makes double locking faster, easier and less likely to be skipped or overlooked. And because a key no longer needs to be accessed or present during the cuffing process, it's even safer for all involved.

Other than the revolutionary keyless double lock, ''Plus Cuffs'' share all the same features that make ASP Ultra Cuffs the gold standard among restraints.

  • Forged aluminum frame
  • Conical, flat contact bow
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways
  • Replaceable Lock Sets

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